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New Industrial Strength Plastic Razor Blade

New Industrial Strength Plastic Razor Blade

The makers of Scraperite plastic razor blades announce their brand new industrial strength scraper. This new tougher material is more resistant to breakage and wear.

For those applications where metal is unnecessary or would cause damage, the new Black Industrial double-edged blades from Scraperite are an ideal choice. Designed for use in industrial and trade applications where repeated heavy use is common. They are ideal for scraping off adhesives, sealants and other unwanted substances from hard surfaces. A must have safety scraper tool for every professional’s toolbox.

This is a professional tool to help get the job done safely and efficiently. Ready to use disposable blades fit most standard single edge metal blade holder or one of two holders designed by the company. Current packaging includes 100 packed blades and a second option with 2 blades and one 6 inch long holder. The cost of these recyclable products is relative to metal blades.
“It just keeps its edge longer”, says the manufacturer.

Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, Scraperite blades are the ideal blade for whatever your use may be. Order now and experience the difference.

New Industrial Strength Plastic Razor Blade

Doors For Fireplaces – Hot Fire Door

Doors For Fireplaces

The fireplace is the heart of the room. Hot fire door fireplace doors bring a new level of style to your fireplace that you and your family will enjoy for years. Nothing defines luxury as gorgeously as a hot fire door fireplace. Your hot fire door fireplace with the hand-picked details that reflect your taste, your home, your personality. Click on over and check out our hot fire doors today!

Doors For Fireplaces

10 DIY Storage Boxes, Baskets And Containers

Store-bought boxes and bins can be prohibitively expensive if you’re trying to get organized on a budget, but that’s no excuse – there are plenty of DIY storage container projects that won’t break the bank. Here are ten of my favorites.

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0:22 1. Make a set of colorful drawer organizers.…

2. Crochet a couple of these beautiful storage baskets using leftover bits of yarn.…

0:38 3. Here’s another gorgeous basket tutorial.…

4. Rolling storage containers are super versatile.…

5. This reversible fabric box could be used in the nursery – or the office, or the living room, and the list goes on.…

1:06 6. Turn an old crate into a vintage style rolling storage bin.…

7. Tin cans could be upcycled to create one of these fun utensil organizers.…

8. Coffee containers can be reused too.…

1:37 9. Make this nautical box out of an empty kitty litter container (you could apply the same technique to another type of box, too).…

10. These boxes look high end – but they’re dirt cheap to make!…

10 DIY Storage Boxes, Baskets And Containers

7 DIY Organizing Tricks and Storage Solutions Worth Trying

Here is the perfect collection of 7 DIY Organizing Tricks and Storage Solutions Worth Trying. Everything from storage organizing with pretty plastic baskets to putting your towels paper organizers.

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1. Use an old sunglasses case to keep your phone charger and earbuds safe in your purse.
2. Roll up your washcloths and stash them in a file organizer to keep them tidy and easy to find.
3. Set up a password manager for all of your digital accounts.
4. Throw together a few freezer-friendly slow cooker meals that you can pull out through the week. freezer-friendly meals and 20 other slow cooker recipes
5. Repurpose a shoebox and a few pencils to make a quick jewelry organizer for your bracelets.
6. Then grab another box to corral your socks.
7. Use removable adhesive strips to make your under-sink storage instantly more accessible.

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