Swirl Painted Vases

DIY Swirl Painted Vases

Check out these DIY swirl painted vases! They are an incredibly easy to do DIY project with only a few supplies required. All you really need is a vase of your choosing and a few paints colors that will combine nicely – that’s it! Sit back and let the paint do its job by swirling it in the vase to create some really nice looking patterns and designs! This project is the absolutely perfect way to add some color to a room!

1. Grab your simple vases that you plan to color (Choose a more sculptural one if you want)
2. Pick out your favorite paint colors that you plan to mix and make sure it is acrylic paint
3. Start off by adding only a couple of drops in your glass vase and then mix in another color and swirl it
4. Once you have a bit of a swirl add some more drops of the other color
5. Make sure you add paint very slowly that is kinda the trick to this and do not add any water at all yet or it will not stick to the glass properly
6. If you are in the process of swirling and you find your paint way too thick and its not moving much add only a couple of drops to thin it out a bit
7. Keep twisting and turning the inside of the vase until it is completely covered in paint
8. Drain the vase completely out now so there is no paint left over inside
9. Once you have drained it all out lay it on its side until it completely dries
10. Put your favorite decor into your vases such as branches!
11. Enjoy!