10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

To be honest with everyone I do not remember the last time I actually got excited about a kids toy. These Rainbow Loom toys are absolutely fab! Here are my 10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever:

1. Inspires Creativity
Rainbow Loom inspires a lot of creativity. When your kids can come up with colour combinations and neat patterns things become not only fun, but also a very creative process. And to top it all off there are endless varieties of color combinations and bracelet patterns to explore and discover.

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

2. Makes You Use Your Brain
Rainbow Loom inspires you to use your brain. This teaches your kids to follow step by step instructions on how to build a bracelet. And on top of that if the kids follow the instructions properly they are rewarded with a cool bracelet to show off to your family and friends.

3. Promotes Sharing
Showing it off is one thing but what about sharing or trading these bracelets with their friends. Rainbow Loom also inspires kids to share. The way I see it is anything that motivates kids to help each other gets a +1 from me.

4. Challenging
Building the bracelets can be challenging. Another great thing about Rainbow Loom is that there is a endless supply of patterns. Once you have mastered one pattern, there’s always a new interesting and more challenging bracelet pattern to tackle. Just to make sure no one gets bored.

5. Builds Confidence
One of the most important parts of a toy is it should build confidence kinda like lego did for me when I was kid. I can almost garentee you will get a lot of smiles when your kids complete a bracelet.

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

6. Rewards Perseverance
It gives your kids something to work towards and they know there is a reward at the end of the project. This to me rewards perseverance. Kids can be super determined to master a new pattern. When it a pattern doesn’t work out the first or even second time, they will keep going – because they know the reward of a new bracelet is waiting for them at the end.

7. Very Quiet Activity
Parents love quiet activities and this one is quiet. When kids are creating bracelets I can almost guarantee you will not hear a peep well other then maybe the odd gasp when something goes wrong.

8. No Power Required
A toy that does not require any sort of battery or plug in. This is one huge gain because what can go wrong with a toy that doesn’t require power?

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever

9. Not Expensive
This toy is not expensive at all. We Rainbow Loom to other gadgets and toys and found that Rainbow Loom is not hard on your pocket book at all.

10. Bracelets Are Eye Candy
These bracelets are eye candy like just look at the photo. I know I am already convinced and purchasing one as soon as possible. The questions is how many are in stock.

Here are a couple of links to purchase a Rainbow Loom

eBay – Rainbow Loom

Amazon – Rainbow Loom

Credit for Image(s): loomlove.com