Simple Scarf Storage

Scarf Storage

Need more room for all of those scarfs in your closet? I know I do. I typically just use 1 hanger per scarf and honestly it gets expensive after awhile and still looks messy. Then I found this great idea Simple Scarf Storage which shows how you can buy a pack of snap together plastic shower rings and just loop all the scarfs over the hanger. You also can use any type of glue if you like to keep the rings in place preventing any movement of the rings which is even better. Less hangers, more organization, means more scarfs. Maybe I shouldn’t tell my husband about this one!

One thought on “Simple Scarf Storage

  1. Evelyn

    Just a suggestion…THESE particular ring are closed rings, I have used the shower rings that are a little more oval and have a slight gap in them and they work SOOOO much better because you can just quickly pop the scarf on them without having to fiddle to get the scarf through a closed circle.

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